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What All Brides Should Know About Cleaning Their Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown Dress Cleaners

Many brides do not plan beyond the day of their wedding. After all, full responsibility for the honeymoon rests with their spouse! There is one consideration that all brides need to add to their wedding To-Do list – post ceremony wedding gown cleaning. It is important that as soon as possible after the service that they send or arrange to have their gown picked up by Cameo by Copeland Cleaners. For over eight decades, we have been known as the wedding gown/dress cleaners of choice throughout Manhattan, the five boroughs, and now, well beyond. In fact, we invite brides from all over the United States to consult with our cleaning professionals, then send us their gowns to be completely dry cleaned and preserved as a memento of their day and potentially, a future heirloom.

One of the most important reasons to have your wedding gown cleaned, then preserved for posterity, is the fact that on your big day, you were not likely to have noticed a smudge of someone’s lipstick on your sleeve, dirt and grime that adhered to your gown’s train and hemline when you posed for wedding photos, nor the droplets of champagne that settled in the delicate beadwork on your bodice during the best man’s toast. Over time, unless carefully removed using the most delicate yet effective cleaning techniques, these stains will set in, making their remediation far more difficult if not impossible to achieve. While many establishments will advertise themselves as wedding gown/dress cleaners, at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, we will also recommend that you have your freshly cleaned and restored wedding gown preserved as well.

What this means is an additional step wherein our experts gently fill your gown with acid-free tissue to retain its shape. The dress is then clothed in muslin, then placed in a lignin-free box, which is additionally enrobed with a muslin covering. The additional cover filters light and contaminants so that the air that passes through will not damage your gown. Cameo by Copeland Cleaners bridal gown preservation techniques are time-honored and have been highly effective at preserving a gown’s structure, fabrics, and embellishments such as lace, beadwork, and embroidery threads in pristine condition. Some dry cleaners that offer a preservation service insist that you entomb your gown in a box, and never open it. However, our professionals know that you want to open and view, and likely try on, even wear your treasured wedding keepsake. All these actions are possible with the preservation service offered by Cameo by Copeland Cleaners.

Cameo is not just a wedding gown/dress cleaners establishment. We have earned our stellar reputation one client at a time and strive to not just meet, but to exceed every client’s expectations every time. Our professionals address every garment we receive with the same care and attention to detail. We invite you to contact our experts to discuss you and your family’s cleaning and dry cleaning requirements. We will be honored to consult with you and to serve you!