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Arthur Copeland Cleaners Reviews


Dear Mr. Tuzzi,

I have been a customer of your Cedarhurst cleaners since soon after I moved to the area in 2007. I tried a number of different cleaners in the 5 Towns on acquaintances’ recommendations and after disappointing experiences with those others I felt my clothes were extremely well cared for by your manager Marc. He is extraordinary in his professionalism, expertise and devotion to his customers’ satisfaction.

I moved from the area in 2014 but I circle back to Marc for anything important or too dear to risk, even though I am about an hour’s drive away (without traffic). Besides the immaculate job he always does of the tricky dry cleaning tasks I bring to him, I rely on his oversight when I need the services of a tailor. Whoever the tailor is doesn’t matter to me as long as Marc is supervising. I recently brought in a dress I plan to wear to my son’s wedding to be significantly modified. Although the tailor initially seemed confident he could easily accomplish what I told him I wanted done, it took many visits and efforts to finally get it right. Under any other circumstances I would have panicked by how difficult a time the tailor seemed to be having and it did feel that the dress was beyond redemption at a certain point, but my confidence in Marc kept me calm and paid off big time when it was finally delivered to me absolutely perfect.

I am familiar with what it is like to run a small business and how nearly impossible it is to find someone trustworthy, hard working and knowledgable to run a branch. You have a gem in Marc.

Pam Bernstein


In a time when people usually only communicate to complain it is even more essential to highlight and commend the professionalism, reliability, and demeanor of Marc, Shea, and Navin at your Cedarhurst store.

Buying and tailoring a dress for a special occasion is very stressful – especially when you work full time and have very limited free time. The staff at this store, specifically Marc, Shea, and Navin, make the process so much less onerous and difficult.

Marc is unbelievably flexible and accommodating – expertly scheduling appointments to meet the needs of my dress alterations and my work schedule. He is beyond pleasant to work with, running the front and back of the store with proficiency and skill. His intelligence is put to use to surmise the needs of each customer as well as the needs of the business.

Shea is a delight to work with. She zips, unzips, fixes this 60 year old’s dress making me feel pretty and excited to wear the dress about to be altered. She’s funny and charming and banters with each customer with ease. I actually enjoy conversing with Marc and Shea at every visit speaking on every topic from politics to geography. They both remember the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of each customer making each visit rewarding and successful.

Navin is an absolute artist and craftsman turning a bag of oversized fabric ( unaltered dress) into a beautifully fitting dress worthy of an important event. He listens and actually produces precisely what you request to be done, all with offering respectful and gentle advice to the customer who thinks she knows what she wants.

Today I left my second gown with Arthur Copeland and feel completely satisfied and excited for the result. My last gown looked absolutely transformative and I felt wonderful wearing it. Please know you are very fortunate to have such capable and professional individuals representing Arthur Copeland.

Fern Merenstein , Esq.


This is one of the best dry cleaners I have ever visited. I had some expensive jackets and sweaters to clean, and they gave it back to me as though they were new. This is not your average local cleaners – they are the best in the neighborhood, so if you don’t mind paying the price to get the best services out there – then this is the place for your quality garments! Highly recommended!

Yafees Sarwar

Cameo Cleaners Reviews


Best cleaners for wool, fur and leather They made my coats look perfect. Cameo has also cleaned my Prada handbag. They made it look brand new again. The attention to detail they have can’t be found anywhere else

Samantha Cohen


I use Cameo for all my dry cleaning needs on the clothes that matter to me the most. The ones I need to “save” from any sort of stain and spill disaster! They’re excellent, straightforward, and will evaluate and work on the item with love and care and transparency. Have been going to them for years and even after moving out of NYC, I now ship my items to them for cleanings!

Ashley Gendron


I rarely ever write reviews, BUT I was in such awe that Cameo Cleaner’s was able to get out my baby’s milk stain that was in my Fendi bag that fell in there for over a week!! It looks and smells brand new, I can’t thank you all enough!! They have also washed/dry-cleaned all of my Indian outfits perfectly without ruining them, which is a HUGE plus since most of the other cleaners I’ve been so have either burned or messed up the embroidery.

Tiffanie Ramdehall


I had a few polo sweaters that I was skeptical about having cleaned. I was ensured my items were at the right place, and they would be cleaned the GreenEarth way. When I received my sweaters back, I couldn’t believe how good they looked. Very impressive, will be returning.

Cory Webb


I have a Louis Vuitton bag that got dirty over time, the inside was filthy. They gave me a reasonable price and did a great job. Excellent service and very professional. I will be using them again.

Meli Mel


They are the Best Cleaners in NYC. The Quality is excellent, and they are very professional and courteous. Thank you.

John Brown


After I spilled coffee all over an expensive wool coat and doused it in Oxyclean, the stains had set, and I knew I was in trouble. I called Cameo, and they were upfront about the possibility of permanent damage to the coat, but they were miraculously able to get the stains out perfectly. My coat looks brand new! Cameo’s cleaning services are pricey (probably at the top end of prices for Manhattan cleaners), but it’s 100% worth it if you have an expensive or beloved piece of clothing that requires professional deep cleaning.

Julie Rong


I brought a suit pant that was too loose, and they tailored it perfectly. I recommend this store for their tailoring without hesitations. The prices are good too compared to other stores in this area.

Alan Hegron


Got blackout blinds sewn into our existing curtains and couldn’t be happier. They provided the blackout drapes, hand delivering swatches for us to choose from, as well as picked up and delivered the drapes. The process took 4 days, and they were really helpful throughout. Highly recommend.

Paulina Murchie


Cameo always does excellent work. If you have an item that is important to you, I wouldn’t bring it anywhere else in Manhattan. Go to Cameo!

T.J. Misny


Cameo Cleaners cleaned a very expensive leather skirt of mine that was soaked in wine. They got all the stains out completely without discoloring the skirt or causing it to stiffen. I am amazed. They were also polite, professional and eager to get the job done properly. They turned the skirt around in under 2 weeks and delivered it to my office once it was cleaned. I would absolutely use their services again and highly recommend them for your cleaning needs.

Liane Fisher


Best dry cleaning company! Helpful staff! Highly Recommended!

Evelina Bourne


Staff are efficient and quick, quality dry cleaning services at an affordable price. Highly recommended!

Bert Hands


Great dry cleaning company, quality services, cleaners are hardworking and efficient. Highly recommended!

Sheffy Burrow


Cameo is not your average dry cleaners, even your average good one. Yes, their prices are jaw-droppingly high (even for NYC standards), but so too is the quality of their service. I use them only for items that are particularly costly and/or irreplaceable, or when the “normal” cleaners have not been able to remove stains. In my experience, Cameo has not encountered a stain they could not eradicate. Olive oil-stained polyamide (Bogner and Moncler) jackets come back looking better than when I purchased them. They perfectly de-pilled a Saint Laurent polo shirt. Recently, when a Prada cashmere sweater was returned to me with the collar tag missing, I sent Cameo an email that night and received both an email and call from their (friendly and professional) staff first thing the next morning. I returned with the sweater (though they had offered to pick it up) and, within a few days, it was back with the label sewn back on and in perfect shape. They also remove all buttons from my winter overcoat prior to cleaning and then sew them back on. I would suggest asking about the price to clean specific items in advance in order to avoid any surprises; they have always been fully forthcoming. Genuinely cannot recommend them enough.

Benjamin Ryberg


I could not be more happy to be a client of theirs. Not only do they usually do an exceptionally excellent job, when I have any issues they’ve been prompt to resolve the problem – even replacing the damaged items.

Hillary Jacobs