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Professional Hand Cleaning a Wedding Dress vs. Dry Cleaning a Wedding Dress

Bridal Dress Cleaning

For most women, our wedding gown represents the most exciting, special, and expensive clothing item we have or will ever purchase. It is also a given that after the ceremony and reception, that many a wedding gown will require a professional bridal dress cleaning service. After a bit of online research, you may have discovered that there are two methods that are favored by experts – cleaning by hand or having your gown dry cleaned. And you may have wondered which is the right approach to take to maintain your treasured memento in optimal condition for your future daughter or granddaughter to wear on her wedding day. Cameo by Copeland Cleaners has cleaning experts on staff who will carefully examine your gown and gladly advise you on the best cleaning methods and techniques to use for an optimal result.

We invite you to contact us to arrange for our fleet to pick up your gown, or, if you live beyond the New York TriState area, to send it to our store. Our bridal professionals will carefully go over every detail of your bridal dress’ including the type of fabric used for its primary construction, whether or not embellishments such as lace are silk or synthetic material, if any beadwork is glass, as well as the type of thread used to construct your gown, including seams as well as any embroidery work. The goal of Cameo by Copeland Cleaners bridal dress cleaning service is to determine any special requirements or needs prior to cleaning the garment. This initial assessment ensures the correct cleaning techniques will be employed and spectacular results achieved.

For example, if your gown is made from synthetic material, you have the option of having the garment dry cleaned or cleaned by hand. Polyester, for example, is very forgiving, and stains and grime can often be easily removed simply by drying cleaning. However, if there is evidence of soil and organic materials on the underside of the train or hem (from those wedding album photos taken at the arboretum, perhaps?) routing these stubborn stains will require treating them by hand first. Dry cleaning a garment, especially a gown that has been constructed using many yards of material, is generally a less expensive approach to take. It is often the best choice for gowns made of silk as well, since hand cleaning this natural fiber is not advisable.

If you have performed any research prior to consulting Cameo by Copeland Cleaners bridal dress cleaning service, you will know that any gown made of lace, with appliques or lace embellishments, beadwork, or embroidery must only be hand cleaned so as not to disturb the fibers or threads. Professional hand cleaning, repair, and restoration followed by bridal dress preservation is favored by the majority of our clients and is the most gentle and safe way to protect your gown.

After your ceremony and honeymoon, we invite you to give our bridal cleaning experts a call. We will gladly consult with you to determine which process is the best treatment for your gown. And do give a thought to its preservation as well. Our specialized techniques will allow you to visit your gown as often as you wish. After all, it will not be that far into the future that you choose to renew your vows and wish to wear your exquisite bridal finery again!

We invite you to schedule your appointment with one of our bridal cleaning consultants today!