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Why It’s Not Too Late to Preserve Your Wedding Dress

wedding dress preservation

Most brides keep their wedding gowns, although some do not have their dress professionally treated after their nuptials. Perhaps their bridal finery has been stored in a zippered plastic bag before being placed in a hall closet, or even hung in an attic or basement. Years go by and either their daughter, niece, or grandchild asks to borrow it to wear at their wedding. Or it is decided that the 10th, or 25th anniversary will include a vow renewal ceremony. Upon closer examination, however, after being imprisoned in plastic for a decade or more, the wedding gown appears the worse for wear. Its color has yellowed, and the champagne toast left its legacy on the skirt. The hem and train are also grimy from contact with the ground, and some beading is hanging by a thread. Yet, despite its present sorry condition, it is not too late to have this treasured garment restored so that it can see the light of day at a wedding celebration once again. Simply contact Cameo by Copeland Cleaners. We are known for our outstanding bridal services that include wedding dress preservation in NYC.

Our expert wedding dress cleaners and restorers will treat your dress as if it is from the Costume Collection at the Met. Cameo by Copeland Cleaners has earned our reputation as the dry cleaners of choice for our multitude of services, including the finest wedding dress preservation in NYC. You may bring your gown to us or arrange to have our team come to your home to collect it. At our premises we will inspect your garment and advise any/all pre-treatment that is required including repairs as well as stain removal. Once your gown is spotless, we will perform our environmentally safe (as well as kind to all fabrics), archival preservation techniques. Acid-free paper will be slipped inside your garment to preserve its shape. This tissue will not degrade and cause fabric discoloration. The next step involves wrapping the entire gown in muslin, then placing it in a lignin-free paper box. The box is left unsealed to allow air circulation which prevents further deterioration. Finally, the box itself is wrapped in muslin which acts as an air filter.

For almost 90 years, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners have provided the finest wedding dress preservation in NYC. No detail is spared to ensure that your preserved gown will retain its like new appearance as well as the integrity of its fabrics. Preservation does not mean that your box will be sealed like a museum piece, however. You may open your box at any time to share your gown with family and friends. Anyone in the New York TriState region can take advantage of our bridal dress preservation services. Remember, we will gladly dispatch our team to pick up your treasured gown, then return it to you in the same condition as when you first wore it walking down the aisle! Give your bridal finery the second life its heritage deserves! Contact Cameo by Copeland Cleaners to learn more and to arrange a pickup today!