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Best Methods When Storing Luxury Clothing Between Seasons

luxury clothing storage

There is an old expression that two things that can be expected are death and taxes. Not to be grim, but one can also add to that list- the size of an average clothes closet in Manhattan is not going to get any bigger. Many of us have compensated for a lack of clothing storage space in our apartments, condos, and co-ops, by installing intricate and expensive custom closet systems to maximize every inch. That is ideal for showcasing the current season’s finery, however, it does not allow much room for storing disused garments when these are temporarily out of season. Under the bed storage is one option, and great for sweaters and tops. But what about your winter coats and jackets, furs, leathers, suede, bespoke tailored suits, and evening wear? In this posting, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, the dry cleaners of choice for generations of discriminating New Yorkers, offers this suggestion to make the most of the space and wardrobe you have: take advantage of Cameo by Copeland Cleaners luxury clothing storage services.

Keep your closet, your seasonal clothing, and your lives from becoming cluttered and overcrowded. One call to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, and as the first step in our luxury clothing storage service, our experts will come to your residence, assist you to make your selections, then deliver them to our climate-controlled clothing storage facility. Not to worry- you may ‘visit’ your clothing in storage at any time, or simply leave these garments in our hands until you want to wear one or more items, or store the lot until the next season you plan to use them. Whenever you are ready to receive your garments, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners will return each item directly to your closet, in optimal condition, fresh and restored to like-new condition.

When you store your off-season garments at home, it is unlikely that you can make the time or have the resources to make on-the-spot repairs or to remove stains. While your items are with Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, however, as part of our luxury clothing storage services, our expert tailors and professional dry cleaners can attend to any alterations, tailoring, dry cleaning, and/or repairs these high-end garments may require. For over 90 years, thousands of discriminating New Yorkers have entrusted their choicest and most expensive wardrobe items to our care. We use cleaning processes that are kind to your delicate fabrics as well as to the environment. In fact, the considered care that we demonstrate with each of your garments will not only keep them looking new, but also extend their ‘lifespan’.

Forget about investing in acid-free boxes and tissue paper in which to store your treasured clothing in tight spaces within your abode. Instead, make the call to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners to inquire about our seasonal luxury clothing storage services. This way your choicest garments will be well-cared for, and your remaining closet space will completely accommodate your current season finery without stuffing and sharing space with garments you will not use for another 9-10 months. Make the call today, you, and your closet, will be glad you did!