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Wedding Dress Cleaning

You celebrated the wedding of your dreams to the spouse who ‘completes you’. Post your memorable honeymoon, as you settle into married life, there is an exhausting array of tasks relative to your big day that still requires your attention. While you work drafting and sending personal ‘thank you’ notes to each of your guests, do yourself a favor. You will want to prioritize having your wedding gown cleaned. However, there’s no need to search for ‘wedding dress dry cleaning near me’, ‘wedding dress cleaning’, ‘wedding dress dry cleaning’, ‘wedding dress cleaning near me’, or ‘wedding dress dry cleaning NYC’ and hope to find a company that specializes in professional gown preservation. Not every dry cleaning establishment offers this service, which requires great care and dedication. However, it is not a dying art form. In fact, for generations, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners has been the destination for not discriminating brides in the New York TriState region who want their memento of their most important day cleaned and restored to like-new condition.

Now, we’ve made it possible for anyone in the United States to send us their garments to take advantage of our bridal gown cleaning services. We invite you to carefully package and send us your gown, and we’ll return it to you in spotless condition, free of charge! Once your dress has been cleaned, it may be carefully preserved for future use when you renew your vows, or when your spouse walks your daughter down the aisle. It’s important to take or send your cherished garment to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners as soon as possible after your wedding day for the utmost consideration and care in its treatment.

That’s because on the day you only had eyes for each other, your dress may have been damaged or stained. Stains can quickly set into the finest fabrics and become difficult to remove completely. We recommend our organic cleaning services, which treat delicate fibers and the environment with mutual respect. The non-toxic cleaning agents are kind to silks and synthetics alike, as well as intricate beading and laces to protect the fabric and fiber integrity to extend the life of your bridal garment.

Now that you know that the Internet is not your source for the best “wedding gown cleaning near me”, ‘wedding dress dry cleaning near me’, ‘wedding dress cleaning’, ‘wedding dress dry cleaning’, ‘wedding dress cleaning near me’, or ‘wedding dress dry cleaning NYC’ and that Cameo by Copeland Cleaners is. Wherever you live, you can pack up your treasured dress, knowing that we will care for it as if it were our own. We are the wedding dress cleaners of choice in Manhattan and have earned their trust one priceless wedding garment at a time for over eight decades.

Allow us to demonstrate how we can safely and completely clean your bridal gown to your complete satisfaction. For New York City brides, we can arrange for the pickup and delivery of your latest family heirloom. Contact us today!