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Cleaning Area Rugs Is A Pesky Chore

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to inspect and clean your household belongings to “wow” your guests as they enter your home. In this case, let’s talk specifically about cleaning area rugs. They are a fundamental part of a warm and inviting home, so it’s a good idea to clean them in order to present your flawless interior design skills to your friends and family. What better way to do that than to bring them into Cameo By Copeland for cleaning. A vacuum is a start, but not nearly enough to achieve an immaculate, like-new condition. Food, pet stains, dirt, and dust can set in deep, requiring a skilled hand and eye to bring your finely-loomed floor decor back to life.

By using our GreenEarth dry cleaning solution, you can have the peace of mind that not only will you be left with a beautiful rug, but you’ll also know you’ve helped our planet. GreenEarth is pure liquid silicone. It’s an environmentally non-toxic, non-hazardous, and extremely gentle alternative to traditional dry cleaning solvents, and our system of care is designed to ensure the best possible result for fabrics, the environment and your family.

The Cameo By Copeland team ensures that your area rugs will be cared for gently and effectively. Your loved ones and guests will walk into a space that will feel comforting, clean, and inviting. A feeling we all long for during holidays like Thanksgiving. 

Even if you are confident about your area rugs and decide not to have them cleaned in avance, you might come across a gravy spill, a wine spill, or maybe a cranberry dressing spill. If that is the case, then you can bring them in after the Holiday for a total revamping. Cameo by Copeland Cleaners will provide the highest quality cleaning. 

Hosting can be a stressful task, wanting to perfect everything within a timeline that tends to crunch quicker than we’d like, that’s why we are here for you. Let us create more time for you and reduce stress. Come in today and let us make sure your Thanksgiving is a picture perfect event.