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Why You Need a Bridal Gown Cleaning Specialist

Bridal Gown Cleaning

On your wedding day, you’ll likely be caught up in the joy of the moment and will not be thinking about the state of your bridal gown. After all, it will have served its initial purpose, to showcase you, the bride in your finest moment. However, after the wedding, it would be a mistake to put it on a hanger, place it inside a zippered plastic protector, and hang it in a closet. That is because any number of issues may have occurred to it during the ceremony and reception. Grime will likely have been ground into the garment at the hemline, especially gowns with long trains. Bridal finery with mesh inserts and overlays is particularly delicate and may have snagged on jewelry. There may additionally be sweat stains from hours on the dance floor enjoying the festivities. Then there is the likelihood that throughout the reception, food, and beverages may have been spilled on the garment. Because of the delicate nature of the fabrics, embellishments, including beading, sequins, and lace, great care needs to be taken to ensure the garment’s integrity and future use. The best time to have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved is directly after the ceremony. And the best team to assess your garment’s individual requirements are the professional bridal gown cleaning specialists at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners.

Purely incidentally, if you plan to go down the aisle wearing an heirloom dress, even if it has been preserved, we recommend that you bring it to (or arrange to have it picked up and delivered by) Cameo by Copeland Cleaners. Depending on the age of your family’s dress, or the processes used to preserve it, your treasure will likely require a thorough bridal gown cleaning prior to your wearing it on your special day. This is also true if you have purchased your gown ‘off the rack’ at a sample sale. Think of it- if you bought it online or at a clearance sale, it was likely purchased ‘as is’. Many brides will have tried it on before you, and it might be missing or have damaged items, such as torn mesh, or a missing fastener, or even carrier loops but no belt. Wherever you reside in the United States, send us your gown, or if you are in the TriState, arrange to have your gown picked up and delivered to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners. (Return shipping and delivery is without charge!)

Initially, our bridal gown cleaning experts will assess your gown’s particular needs. Any and all repairs and stain removal will take place prior to its cleaning. It is also the rare gown that does not require alterations for a custom fit. You can entrust your bridal finery to our team with the complete confidence that your gown will be superbly fitted to your form to help you actualize how you imagine you’ll look on your wedding day – total perfection!  So, before and after your ceremony, to ensure your optimal appearance and complete peace of mind, we invite you to consult Cameo by Copeland Cleaners’ bridal gown cleaning experts. Do not delay, speak to us today!