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Summer Season’s Perfect Fit

Summer Season’s Perfect Fit with Expert Tailoring

summer season's perfect fit
Summer is upon us, and Arthur Copeland Cleansers has a few tips to help you find this season’s perfect fit. It’s all about accessorizing and color coordinating. Blues and other light colors are big this year, both in dress and suit form. Additionally, you need to know what combinations work best with each event and each individual body type. Here are a few more tips for this summer’s look. For men:

  • Accessories are key when adding flair to your summer suits.
  • Stand out from conservative, safe suits with fashion-forward slim and skinny suit styles.
  • Of course everyone knows about the seersuckers that breathe wonderfully in the summer sun, but these days you can still get that same comfort with a variety of colors and fabrics.
  • With these colors and varied fabrics, simplicity is what really shines in the summertime.
  • Printed tie and pocket square combinations against solid colors help you stand out from the rest.
  • Brown baroque shoes can be worn with blue suits to get away from the black-shoe monotony.
  • Light blue shirts can jazz up your charcoal and other dark-colored suits.
  • Off whites, from light pinks to cream colors, are fantastic alternatives to boring whites.

For women:

  • Weddings and social gatherings are abundant in the summer, so get your new cocktail and eveningwear dresses for the season.
  • Sundresses reign in the day, but can be a bit tacky for formal events. As an alternative, embellished silk printed dresses can hold the attention of any room
  • Hats, sunglasses, and simple earrings can blend with the right dress for a perfect combination
  • Shirred silk strapless dresses, wrapfront dresses, and off-the-shoulder skater dresses are both fun and comfortable in the sun
  • Floral patterns are becoming more basic, elegant, and stunning every season
  • Lighter colors are meant for the sun, deep blues and greens own the evening gatherings

Arthur Copeland Cleansers can tailor your suit or dress to add the final, perfecting touch to your summer outfit. Whether it’s for a wedding, formal event, or simply spending time in the summer sun, when you want to look your finest be sure to make the clothes fit you flawlessly. A few centimeters more or less mean all the difference between fitting and fitting you like a glove.