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Where You Service Your Best Possessions

Where You Service Your Best Possessions

service your best possessionsThe Ferrari F12berlinetta. Part of the Grand Tourer class of Ferrari, and since its introduction in 2012 it’s been a winner of some of the top automobile awards in the industry, including the Robb Report’s 2014 Car of the Year. Its sleek, classic Ferrari design and standard red body show its opulence and class.

This car’s two doors and surgical precision handling at top speeds on any race track make it a treat only for you. And it’s all yours, brand new, straight from the showroom to your garage. You looked at all the rest, and you know the extravagance you want for yourself. After all, you’ve worked hard and you deserve the treat.

So, when Joe’s Garage comes to offer you discounted service for your oil change and tune up, why do you say no without a moment’s thought? After all, they’re local, just down the block, and they have great deals. But you know better. You’ve paid for the best, and you will only service your luxurious possession with those who know luxury.

iStock_000024483597Large - CopyThis is same for your high end attire. Why pay so much, only to have it cleaned or serviced by people who could throw it in with little Jimmy’s soccer uniform? Why make an investment if you’re not going to invest in it? We at Arthur Copeland Cleansers are the luxury specialist dry cleaner of Long Island. We work with the finest and most delicate materials, and know what is needed to clean and repair the best fabrics out there.

Whether it is a custom Kiton tuxedo or the latest high-end Versace dress, we know what is needed to keep your best its very best. Don’t take your Ferrari to Joe’s Garage, and don’t take your Armani to Joe’s Cleaners; take them to the authority in luxury.  This authority is Arthur Copeland – where you service your best possessions.