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Impress on the Slopes with the Best Ski Clothing and Apparel

Winter is here and there is no better time for hitting the slopes in the best ski clothing and apparel. The outdoor clothing and apparel industry continues its trend of developing high tech fabrics for weather extremes, with the ski clothing and apparel leading the charge.

Since W.L. Gore Industries introduced the outdoor apparel world to its GoreTex fabric, a breathable and waterproof fabric used in many ski parkas and outer shells, the ski apparel business seems to introduce new fabrics and designs as rapidly as the tech industry introduces new game consoles.

When selecting the best and most appropriate ski clothing and apparel one must look at where she is skiing. For example, selecting a ski parka for the Continental snow conditions of the Sierras and Olympics may not be apropos for a resort such as Whistler where the coastal snowpack and weather conditions are much wetter than the Continental dry snow. For the coastal conditions a waterproof, synthetic insulated parka is a smart choice. Avoid down for these areas and go with a synthetic fill parka or underlay. Primaloft, Hollofill and other such materials are the smartest choice for these conditions.

Skiing in the dry Rocky Mountains and Intermountain West means much drier conditions. A good breathable outer shell or parka combined with a down underlayer is a perfect choice.

The pants and bibs for any condition need to be breathable and tough as iron due to the stress the clothing goes through during the ski season. Going with a bib style set of ski pants adds extra cold protection and can be coordinated with the parka to make a smart and functional ski outfit.

An often over looked part of the ski clothing and apparel, one where corners often get cut, is the base layer. Never go with a set of cotton long underwear or base layers. There is an adage among outdoor enthusiasts which is, “cotton kills”. This is a nod to the fact that when cotton gets wet, it has no heat retention ability. In fact, wet cotton in a cold environment takes heat away from the skier, which may lead to hypothermia. Instead of cotton, go with high tech Merino wool long underwear or polypro. Ski clothing makers Patagonia, A’rcteryx, Marmot, Mammut and Spyder are among the tops when it comes to high tech base layers. Add in the fact they look sharp and very ‘hate couture’ and you get a high fashion ski apparel kit for your trip to the mountains.

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