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Tips to Properly Care for Heavy Clothing this Winter

Properly caring for heavy clothing will ensure you get the most wear out of these items. The longevity of fine winter coats, furs, boots, accessories, and other heavy items depends on appropriate maintenance.

Do you know how to care for these heavy items? Here are a few tips to maximize use of your high-end winter clothing and keep them ready to go for whatever event you’re off to next!

Wool Clothing & Accessories

Wool is a natural material derived from sheep. It is very durable, but also must be handled in specific ways to avoid shrinkage and other undesirable defects.

Heavy wool clothing and accessories should never be machine washed. However, in the event you get a woolen item dirty, here are a few at-home tips to gently remove debris. First, if you get mud on your wool coat, wait for it to dry, then use a stiff brush to brush away the dirt. Other types of stains should be treated as soon as possible by dabbing away the liquid using cool water and an absorbent towel. Never treat with hot water, since this causes felting and shrinking.

Another consideration to keep in mind with wool is to always use a sturdy wooden hanger. Other types of hangers and hooks may cause warping. Leave some space between your cool coat and other items in the closet. This allows the wool to breathe and retain its shape better.


Furs are another natural material that require special attention. As with the wool coats, always hang a fur coat on a sturdy wooden hanger. This practice maintains good form. Additionally, never keep a fur enclosed in a garment bag. Furs need to breathe in order to remain flexible and supple.

Furs are very susceptible to synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Avoid using hair spray and perfumes while wearing a fur so you won’t damage the hide.

If your fur items get wet in the snow or rain, simple shake them off once you arrive to your destination.

At the end of each season, if your fur gets dirty, bring it to Arthur Copeland for a professional fur cleaning. Our methods keep furs vibrant, glossy, and beautiful for years to come.

Leather Coats & Boots

Leather coats and boots may become brittle and hard if not properly cared for. Leather protectants and conditioners should be applied at the beginning and end of each season.

If a leather clothing item gets stained, try to gently wipe away the stain while still wet. However, if it leaves a mark or you don’t notice right away, just bring it to our trained staff. We can expertly remove stains, apply fresh dyes, and even mend tears and holes.

As with the other heavy winter items above, leather coats should always be hung on a sturdy wooden hanger. Leather may stretch in odd ways if placed on a thin metal hanger or hook.

Contact us to find out more about our heavy winter clothing care. We provide top quality services for high-end luxury items including furs, leather, gowns, and more!