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Properly Maintaining Your Fur Coat

A natural fur coat is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Fine fur garments can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. A few simple tips will keep your fur in the best shape possible and keep you looking stunning for years to come.

  • Hanging Your Coat – Your fur coat should always be hung on a wide, padded hanger with a long neck. The goal is to keep the shape of the shoulders and to keep the collar away from the hanging rod to avoid misshaping it. In addition, make sure there is enough room so that the fur is not crushed.
  • Never Store Your Fur in Direct Light – Prolonged exposure to light will cause the fur to oxidize and change color.
  • Never Store Your Fur in a Bag – Fur must breathe. Bags, especially plastic bags, do not allow air to circulate. This causes the leather to dry out. If you must store your fur while traveling, always use a cloth bag and remove the fur as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Properly Dry Your Fur – Fur can actually handle light rain and snow well assuming it is properly dried. If your fur gets wet, simply shake it out and hang it in a well-ventilated room to dry. Never expose your fur to direct heat such as a radiator, blow dryer, or clothes dryer.
  • Professionally Clean Your Fur At Least Once Per Year – Your fur should be cleaned at least once a year, ideally while it is spending the summer in cold storage.  If you wear your fur often, a second cleaning during the winter months can help against the wear and tear of smoke, hairspray, makeup, and perfume.
  • Watch Your Accessories – When wearing your fur coat, do not use a shoulder bag consistently. The constant pressure will wear away at the fur creating a depression or removing the fur completely. In addition, never leave jewelry pinned to your coat as it will mat the fur.

For more information on properly caring for your fur coat or to schedule your annual cleaning, contact us today. With the proper, professional care your fur coat can maintain its elegant appearance for years.