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Choosing the Right Dry Cleaner for Wedding Gown Cleaning

The only thing more precious than saying the words “I do” is preserving your heartwarming memories for the many beautiful years to come. Part of preserving your memories is taking proper care of your wedding gown by having it cleaned and preserved.

Who could you possibly trust to make sure the no damage befalls your timeless relic? I hope you’re not going to take it down the street to any old dry cleaner. You need professionals backed by 50 years of experience and an Eco-friendly process. You need Arthur Copeland.

Most dry cleaners don’t clean and preserve gowns in their own facilities. Instead, they send off the wedding gowns to a wholesale dry cleaner that batch cleans wedding dresses. Your wedding dress deserves the same quality care and attention to the cleaning as you did when you first found your dress. Put your faith in Arthur Copeland when it comes safeguarding your most endearing memories.

There are numerous threats that loom over the future of your wedding gown including yellowing, permanent creasing, mildew, mold, oxidation spots, and dust.

One of the major instruments causing yellowing of a bridal gown comes from the plastic storage bags that almost all brides use to store their gowns. Don’t let your gown fade with time, instead employ Arthur Copeland Museum standard preservation techniques which will allow you to keep your gown preserved while also still being able to “remove it from the vessel” so you can still share that fateful day with your friends and family.

Choosing the right dry cleaning service for your wedding gown is an important decision. When it comes to your wedding gown, say “I do” to fantastic service and over 50 years of experience cleaning and preserving bridal gowns. Contact us to begin reliving the most memorable day of your life.