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5 Trendy Bedding Flavors to Test Out

The bedroom symbolizes intimacy and revitalization with ourselves. When we rest at night, we seek comfort and harmony in our bedrooms. Some desire to incorporate lighter tones for the heat wave, others seek to flourish in darker shades. Depending on the shape of the room and the symmetry of your walls, any color bedding will be stylish!

However, there are 5 trends to amplify your bedding decor that are hard to ignore!

60s Retro With a Modernistic Flair

Turquoise and white bedding keeps you cool during the summer heat. Add tasteful paisley and eccentric prints to your bedding.

Cozy, Linear, and Relaxed

Dress up your bedding with linear patterns in dark shades of red and brown for a unique style. Opt out those colors for light olive greens and dark blues to enhance the ambiance.

Enchanting Purples and Metallic Glamour

Dressing up your bedding with pale purple and shimmery metallic throw pillows is a fabulous way to stay cool while having a lavish bedroom. Sticking to bedding makes it easier to change the rest of your room in order to mix and match different looks.

Decadent and Bold Yellow

Embrace the rays of the sun with yellow bedding. Subtlety darker yellows contrasted with orange floral prints gives cheer to your bedroom. The floral prints add a vintage tinge to the room for a sophisticated appeal.

Futuristic, Spatial, and Platform

Platform beds add space to the room, creating a strikingly minimalistic feel. For people who love to keep cool during the summer months while maintaining a “less is more” frame of mind, try to embellish your platform bed with shades of light purple, light grays, and gray tinted blues. Light cotton sheets with a light fabric throw blanket, preferably a lighter color too.

With so much bedding to choose from, and if you switch up your style, you might need to head to the dry cleaners! Luckily for you, Arthur Copeland has been in the business of revitalizing bedding and clothing for 80 years! Contact us for a consultation!