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When You’re Doing Your Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget Your Bedding Sheets, Comforters and Duvets

It’s spring cleaning time once again, which means it’s time to do a thorough cleaning of items that don’t need to be cleaned every week, but just require a seasonal cleaning.

Spring is the perfect time to clean some of your bedding that doesn’t get cleaned on a regular basis like the feather bed you add to your mattress to make it extra soft. Of course, you should definitely clean your pillows too, not just the pillow cases, but the actual pillows, because even though they don’t need to be cleaned as often as you clean the pillow cases or the sheets they still need to be sanitized at least twice a year.

Always be careful how you wash feather beds and pillows as a trip through a washing machine can destroy even the most expensive bedding items, they just weren’t designed to stand up to such rough treatment.

When you are cleaning luxurious bedding sheets, comforters, duvets and other bedroom essentials, consider dry cleaning an investment in the life of your bedding. Your comfort is important, and taking the time to clean these items well in a way that won’t damage them is definitely worth it.

If you have heavy comforters and duvets that you won’t use again until fall, you should consider storing them after you have them cleaned. Please contact us to find out how you can have a specialist come to you, itemize your winter items, take them for cleaning and return them to you again in the fall, fresh and ready for use, (and out of your hair all spring and summer!)