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Current Events in Fashion: Dolce and Gabana Rock Moms Theme

What’s sweeter or more cherished than motherhood?  It’s one of the most vital periods in a woman’s life, pushing her to the height of her femininity–and that’s exactly what Dolce and Gabbana’s “Viva la mama!” show in Milan was designed to show off.

The models who walked the runway at this event were, as a whole, still the slender examples of femininity that fashion connoisseurs have come to expect–and most of the women represented in the “Viva la mama!” show were Caucasian, which offended a number of viewers.  On the other hand, many of the models walked the runway along with their babies and children–and Bianca Balti, who will soon deliver her second child, walked the show heavily pregnant, showing off her baby bump with style.  The models’ outfits clearly displayed their appreciation for motherhood, with children’s drawings and “Mamma” emblazoned on the clothing.

The collection was designed to show off the mothers’ femininity, embracing plenty of floral designs and lots of lace.  Many of the garments contained full skirts and cinched waists that accentuate the women’s best features, making them look soft, sweet, and feminine.

The latest current events in fashion seem to support this trend of embracing womanhood in all its forms.  Motherhood is a vital, breathing part of what it means to be a woman–and while not all women embrace it, at some point, most women will experience that milestone in their lives.  By sharing this theme at the 2015 Fashion Week shows, Dolce and Gabbana speak to a deeper part of each woman who was able to view the show.

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