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Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Wedding gowns are an investment. They aren’t just a one-time thing you never use again. They are valuable not only due the amount of work put into making a gown nor is it because of the fabric used to make it. They are valuable because of the memories associated with them.

Don’t just make your wedding day a distant memory. Take your wedding gown to Arthur Copeland so you can preserve the gown that symbolized the beginning of a new life. Cleaning your wedding gown will also allow you to wear it for your anniversary; making it look as good as you wore it the first time.

If you plan on saving your wedding gown so that your daughter can use it on her own wedding someday, take it to Arthur Copeland and we can help preserve your wedding gown for a lifetime!

Arthur Copeland offers free pick-up and delivery in our area so if you were worried about how to carry your wedding gown to us, no problem! We can come pick them up and deliver them back to you whenever you need it. We even offer world-wide shipping!

Call or visit Arthur Copeland today.