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Wedding Gown Services from Arthur Copeland

One of the most important and special moments of one’s life is their wedding day. Nothing can bring more joy than the day you finally tie the knot. You’ve spent months or even years waiting and planning for this day. The day arrives and leaves just like any other day. However, once a year, you remember that day and everything that led to it. The one thing that symbolizes that special day is your wedding gown. The gown that took ages to choose, prepare, tailor, and finally wear for the special day. It’s a priceless investment that should never be discarded. This is why Arthur Copeland offers many wedding gown services to help you take care of your investment.

At Arthur Copeland, we put in as much care into taking care of your wedding gown just as you did in picking it out. Whether you’re planning to hand over your wedding gown to your daughter or want to wear it again to celebrate your wedding anniversary, Arthur Copeland can help restore your wedding gown so it fits just perfectly. Not ready to use it again? Preserve your wedding gown by taking it to us. We wrap your gown in acid-free fibers and place it in an acid-free storage box. This preserves your wedding gown from dirt, stains, sweat, oils, etc. Every two to three years, we recommend inspecting it (wash your hands before handling it) to ensure it is still being preserved properly. Before storing it, we will clean it to ensure that it remains as fresh as you first bought it.

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