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It’s time to clean your furs

Cleaning your furs is more than just removing dirt off your coat. It’s about making sure that the natural oils in the pelts won’t dry out. This can happen if you don’t store your furs properly. It can also happen due to dust and other airborne particles being attracted to these natural oils. When these particles collect and stay on the hairs of your fur, this causes more natural oils from the pelts to come out. This in turn, causes it to dry out and making the hairs on your fur coat easy to remove thus useless to wear. To check if your furs aren’t dry, run your fingers through the hairs of your fur coat. If you feel a slight oiliness to it, then that’s the way its supposed to feel. If not, the hairs on your furs may be dry.

A good time to clean your fur coats is during the summer while you’re storing them at a professional dry cleaner like Arthur Copeland. This prevents your furs from drying out. You should also consider cleaning your furs during the winter season as well if you’re going to wear it many times, exposing it to smoke, perfumes, makeup, hairspray products, etc.

If you didn’t take the time to care for your furs properly at the end of last season, have Arthur Copeland clean it now. As the winter season approaches, its never to late to clean your furs. By cleaning it and glazing it, you can help the hairs on you furs stay soft and not get dry.