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Taking care of your beaded gowns

When thinking about cleaning your beaded gown, the big question is: “Who in the world can clean my beaded gown without ruining it?” Understandingly, beaded gowns are a very delicate piece of clothing. It is very valuable and it isn’t easy to replace. So the answer to the question is, a dry cleaner.

But the next question is: “Which dry cleaner do I trust with my beaded gown?” This is a very important question because most dry cleaners claim they know how to clean them but they really don’t. They need to have specialists who know beaded gowns inside out and can handle the difficult task that comes with taking care of beaded gowns.

At Arthur Copeland, we have specialists who can take of all your cleaning needs. When it comes to beaded gowns, first, we carefully look through the entire gown for loose beads that might need to be reattached. This way, during the cleaning process, they don’t fall off. Some beads can be machine cleaned, some can only be hand cleaned. Some beads can melt during the cleaning process, some can melt during the drying process.

We go through a rigorous test process to determine which is the best method of cleaning for your beaded gown. After cleaning, we inspect it to ensure the gown is as exactly as you gave it to us. Then we hand press it and inspect it again. After that, it goes to the packing station where it gets inspected AGAIN to ensure once and for all that your beaded gown has been taken care of.

When choosing a dry cleaner to take care of your beaded gown, Arthur Copeland is the only dry cleaner you can trust.