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Pocketbook Cleaning and Restoration

Pocketbook Cleaning and Restoration

iStock_000020790131SmallPocketbook. Handbag. Designer purse. Whatever label you choose to use, pocketbooks are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, and are becoming increasingly more expensive each day. Knowing that not every pocketbook goes with every outfit or occasion, you must keep each handbag ready for when it’s needed. Here are a few tips from Arthur Copeland to keep your pocketbook well-preserved.

For proper pocketbook storage, know where they will last. Light, especially direct sunlight, will damage any leather surface, so a place that is cool, dry, and dark is optimal. Make sure the pocketbook can maintain its shape in storage, so do not crowd it; be sure to put tissue paper in softer handbags to keep them from wilting and losing their contour. Remove all items from the handbag so no area warps by anything staying in one place within the bag for too long. Although you may hang a pocketbook by its straps for a short time, avoid this method of storage because the strain can warp or damage its straps over time.

To keep your pocketbook pristine, maintain and clean it whenever needed. Always take out every item from the handbag, gently wiping or shaking any dust or debris from the interior. Use a lint roller to remove debris left behind, and if the inner lining can be gently pulled out from the pocketbook, do this to clean as much of the inner surface as possible.

iStock_000021176559SmallFor the exterior of your designer purse, most of the time it is leather and thus needs extra care when cleaning. Some advise to use alcohol-free baby wipes on the leather, while others say even this may be too abrasive and that you should only mix water with a liquid facial soap, applying this to a cloth so it is barely wet and cleaning the leather with the moist cloth. If you are unsure which method to use, consult your product care instructions or take it to a professional cleaner. Regardless of what exterior fabric or leather your pocketbook has, be careful not to expose it to too much water, as this can damage most materials used on handbags today.

If your pocketbook is stained or damaged in any way, do not despair. Your investment can still have life and look clean and new, if cared for by the proper professionals. Arthur Copeland Cleansers can clean and restore your pocketbook so it continues to look new for years to come. Whether it’s from Barneys, a Gucci Crocodile Shoulder bag, a Marchesa Valentino, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or even your favorite vintage bag from long ago, we know what individual care each pocketbook needs to look its very best.