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Outdoor Cleaning Tips for Spring

Once the snow melts and the sun warms the air, you look out at your yard and see nothing but projects. Sometimes it’s not clear where to start, but here is a place to start when donning your oldest shorts and T-shirt and cleaning outdoors.

  • Give your windows immediate attention. You can’t enjoy looking at any other progress you make if you are looking through smudged panes of glass. Take out any screens, and douse them with a hose. If that doesn’t take care of all the dirt, use soap and a soft brush to knock away anything leftover. Focus on the outside windows before the inside. That way you can clearly see what dirt is left when washing from the inside If your drapes need cleaning, take them to a dry cleaner like Arthur Copeland and we’ll make sure that your drapes are clean and fresh for the spring and summer seasons.
  • Take care of mildew! Mildew is a form of plant and is a form of mold. When in contact with your outdoor furniture, it can discolor fabrics, give off a musty odor, and if not treated, it can cause damage and rotting. Have Arthur Copeland take care of your outdoor furniture to prevent it from unwanted mildew!
  • If you have a wooden fence, inspect it closely. Spot clean any wear you can from the winter months or power wash all the posts if necessary. If you suspect any unwelcome creature took shelter in your fence during the cold spell, call an exterminator to spray along your backyard’s property line.
  • If you have an outdoor carpet that’s in need of cleaning, let Arthur Copeland take care of it for you!

For more tips and tricks for your outdoor spring cleaning, contact us today!