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Cleaning Outdoor Furniture for the Upcoming Spring Season

Springtime is the beginning of outdoor celebrations. Before you begin the birthday celebrations, or your weekend barbecues, make sure to clean your outdoor furniture. See below for a few ways to get your outdoor furniture looking picture perfect.

Recipes for cleaning your outdoor furniture:

Outdoor Cushions: using a mix of dish washing detergent, warm water, and borax to clean cushions will help them to turn out bright, and clean. Make sure to use warm water, not hot, as hot water can set in any stains that are on the fabric.

White plastic furniture: a mix of warm water, and a dishwasher detergent. Make sure to use the kind that contains a bleaching agent. Do not use this on colored furniture.

Colored plastic furniture: using a mix of all-purpose cleaner, and warm water on colored items will help get them clean, but retain the fresh color. Remember that water draws the sunlight, so be sure to get these dried off as quickly as possible, or put them somewhere that is dark to dry, such as the garage.

Finally, now that all of your outdoor furniture is clean, you can start inviting the guests. Make the most of your wonderfully clean furniture by throwing the best birthday part on the block, or invite the neighbors over for a barbecue. Whatever you choose, you will be happy that you got the spring cleaning out-of-the-way.

For more tips on cleaning your outdoor furniture, please contact us. We would be delighted to help you prepare to kick off your spring events.