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How to clean your family’s spring tablecloths

We hope you enjoyed your spring holiday celebrations. Perhaps you hosted a family dinner? Maybe you used those special family spring tablecloths? So, now you need to clean them so they’re ready

  • for upcoming graduations,or
  • for the next shower or birthday…or
  • just to store them so they’re ready for next year.

To ensure that stains don’t set in and ruin your beautiful fabrics, follow these tips. And always feel free to ask us for assistance.

Red Wine

You should be able to remove the spill of red wine, if you handle it correctly. At the time of the spill, it’s best to blot the area with paper towels and absorb the excess liquid. Then, as soon as you can, soak the stained area in cool water. Pre-treat it with a home stain removal product (like Shout). White vinegar is also useful. Machine wash on gentle in the warmest water possible for the color.

If the stain is still visible, treat the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide, after it first tests safe for the fabric and the color. If your tablecloth is an heirloom or antique, it’s best to take it to a professional dry cleaner. We’ll be happy to look at your tablecloth and will give you our honest assessment.

Candle Wax

If a candle spills over, dripping wax on your tablecloth, place a few ice in a zip lock bag. Put the bag over the wax to freeze it and made it hard. With the back of a spoon or butter knife, gently chip away the wax. Work carefully so you don’t create any snags, particularly on lace tablecloths.

You can also try to lay a plain brown paper bag on the wax and run an iron, heated to medium, over the paper bag. The iron warms the residual wax and the bag can absorb it. But this method isn’t guaranteed. Careful: Don’t iron wax directly, because that could set the stain.

Finally, take the tablecloth to your professional dry cleaner to continue working on the remaining stain.

Eggnog and Gravy

First, test the tablecloth in an unobtrusive area to be sure that it’s colorfast. Gently work on the stain with cold water and a mild detergent, just using your fingertips. Rinse with cold water. Use an enzyme pre-soak or a detergent that contains enzymes if the stain remains. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Cranberries, Apple Cider

For this family of stains, flush the stain thoroughly with cold water. Blot with a mild dish detergent and rinse. Household white vinegar can be used if the stain remains, but be sure to rinse it well. If the stain remains, take it to your professional dry cleaner as soon as possible. Early treatment is the key to removing these stains.

If your tablecloth is Dry Clean Only or is too large to comfortably agitate in your washing machine, take it to a professional cleaner as soon as possible.

Contact us with all your laundry and cleaning concerns.