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The Importance of Cleaning Your Bedding

People spend about a third of their lives sleeping. It’s the reason why the bedroom is usually the most important part of your apartment/house. Due to the time we spend sleeping, taking care of the bed we sleep on is very important. Therefore, after the selection of a good mattress, cleaning your bedding is the next important step to ensuring a clean and healthy bed.

Bedsheets if not changed and cleaned regularly can contain microscopic bugs, which eat your dead skin cells. Your body sheds a million skin cells a day which provided a good reason for these bugs to stay on your bedsheets. Sweat and bodily fluids can stain your bedsheets as well as oils which your body naturally secretes.

It is ideal to wash your bedding weekly to ensure a clean and healthy sleeping experience. You should have plenty of bed sheets available until the dirty ones get cleaned. You can machine wash your bedding, but if you have expensive, high quality bedding, you may risk damaging them.

Take your bed sheets to a professional dry cleaner like Arthur Copeland who will ensure the proper care of your bedding.