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Formally Dress Your Dinner Table to Impress

As we are becoming relieved of COVID restrictions, dinner parties have resumed! We usually sit at the table to eat, but if you want a classy way to astonish your significant other, family or friends, a formal setting is the perfect solution (besides the food of course). For special occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or dinner parties, this is surely to impress.

When it comes to formal table settings, linens, napkins and tablecloths are crucial for your setting. Placemats and table runners are more casual, usually used in everyday settings. Tablecloths add a layer of insulation to the table, this helps to reduce noise caused by people putting down glasses and protects your table against spills and scratches.

Napkins add a decorative flare to your table, as they come in an array of designs. Cloth is definitely the way to go! Cloth napkins hold up better than paper, they are less wasteful, and can be used for other purposes. If you want to get creative, there are many ways to fold the napkins into various designs, here’s a link I found that has great examples:

Throwing your napkins and tablecloths into a standard washer could cause damage that cannot be repaired, especially if it is lace or a delicate fabric. Our team of professionals know exactly how to treat each stain and care for every type of fabric. Schedule a complimentary pick up or Contact Us for more info.