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Cleaning Drapery & Upholstery

When attempting to take on this type of cleaning yourself, you always want to test an inconspicuous area before finishing the entirety. Designer and luxury fabrics should be tended to by professionals as home textiles can be a cumbersome undertaking.

Drapes can often be very large, ornate, and permanently installed. Embellishments may make cleaning difficult. Some standard washing machines have the capabilities to handle delicate fabrics, losing embellishments may happen and the dryer can severely alter the fabric. A clean set of drapes can easily serve as the perfect centerpiece for your room’s design.

Upholstery comes in a variety of materials and manufacturing methods; common stains can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. Especially when it comes to set-in pet droppings and stains, specialized techniques must be used for extraction.

A vacuum is rarely enough to fully restore a beautiful carpet to its ideal condition. From regular carpeting to antique rugs, food and pet stains, dirt and dust can set in deep. There are wet carpet cleaners available to do the deep cleaning yourself. Be advised, these machines do not adjust to different types of fabric and can cause further damage.

From top to bottom, cleaning regularly removes allergens, dust, dirt and other bebris. Whether we come to your home or pick up your items, our team of experts bring them back to life using our environmentally friendly cleaning approach. Contact Us for a consultation or Schedule a pick-up (if available for the service requested).