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Bridal Dress Alterations: the I Do’s and I Don’ts

Bridal Dress Alterations

Here are a few of Cameo by Copeland’s bridal scenarios and our ‘come to the bride’s rescue’ solutions:

As your wedding day quickly approaches you’ll head down to your bridal salon to try on your cherished dress. It becomes immediately obvious that since you made your selection, that you’ve lost so much weight that standard alterations that the salon offers will not suffice. There is no time to reorder your treasured garment in a smaller size. Do not waste time searching online for ‘bridal dress alterations near me’. Instead, come to the firm that has been providing swift and excellent wedding gown alterations for generations- Cameo by Copeland Cleaners.

On the way to the ceremony, the ring bearer’s snack becomes the bridal dress’ stain. To make matters worse, the gown is a family heirloom lovingly crafted from the finest silk charmeuse. What to do? No, do not Google ‘bridal dress alterations near me’. As above, make the call to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners Bridal Services department. We’ll quickly dispatch our professionals skilled at removing the most difficult stains from delicate fabrics. You’ll not only make it to the church on time, but your day will come off with a hitch- your wedding!

For most brides who require our bridal services, however, there is no doomsday scenario. Just a relevant need for the finest wedding dress alterations available in the New York TriState area. Our staff prides ourselves with tailoring your gown to fit your form perfectly. Whether you are seeking initial alterations or a final fitting, know that we can make imperceptible adjustments to any style of gown and work with every type of bridal fabric. Our work is impeccable: We can mend lace, replace or add sequins and/or beadwork, replace and/or repair zippers, let out or take in seams, whatever your fitting requires.

Apres your big day, when you’ve returned from your honeymoon, consider having your bridal gown cleaned and preserved by Cameo by Copeland Cleaners experts. It doesn’t matter where you live. Just contact us and we will arrange to have your wedding dress sent to our establishment or for local brides, we can come and pick it up. You have no cause for concern- we have over 80 years experience in cleaning and preserving your fondest memory of your big day. We offer the GreenEarth® process which not only protects fragile wovens from damage, but is also safe for the environment. Your gown will be restored to its original and immaculate condition, then preserved using museum archival materials. This way you’ll have your precious memento of your wedding day ready for future generations’ use.

Unless you think that our bridal services are one-sided, that is, favoring the ladies, know that Cameo by Copeland Cleaners also offers superior tuxedo and evening wear dry cleaning as well. So the biggest ‘I Do’ after your vows is to forgo searching online for ‘bridal dress alterations near me’.

We invite you to schedule an appointment for any of our bridal services, by contacting us. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our dry cleaning services anywhere with our national shipping.