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Why Should You Have Your Fur Coat Cleaned?

Fur Dry Cleaning

There is nothing to compare with the luxury and warmth of fur. For generations, fur has also been considered a status symbol. Our mothers and grandmothers cherished their fur coats and jackets. They took particular care of their garments to preserve them. Our foremothers were careful not to spray themselves with perfume while wearing their furs or to don their bracelets over their gloves so as not to catch and tear their coat’s silk lining.  Today, at the end of every season, many invest in the finest fur coat dry cleaning services available to those in Manhattan and the TriState. They bring their furs to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners for our renowned fur dry cleaning and storage.

On-the-go Manhattanites and those in the region, or even across the country, can benefit from our renowned fur dry cleaning and storage services. We will come to you to collect your treasure, or you can contact us for full particulars regarding sending your coat to our premises. If you do not as yet realize the value of having your fur coat cleaned seasonally, here’s what you need to know. Properly cared for, using careful fur dry cleaning and storage methods, a fur coat can last the wearer’s lifetime, and be kept in pristine condition for successive generations! Have you ever been in a vintage clothing shop and perused a rack of muskrat, Persian lamb, seal, or mink coats from the 1940s and ‘50s? Some will be in fine condition while others will have rended at the seams, have worn spots, and give off a distinctive and not pleasant smell. The difference in their condition is how these garments were maintained.

Fur jackets and coats represent the highest caliber of investment clothing. They were not inexpensive to purchase, and maintaining them does come at a cost, but the end result will be seasons, no decades, of wear and warmth. At Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, our fur coat dry cleaning services include the most thorough cleaning and glazing methods, carefully executed to keep your fur coat in optimal condition. To begin the cleaning process, our experts assess each garment, including its lining and hems. Any repairs will be made at this point. Then, a light tumbling follows to gently to bring to the surface and remove any dust and dirt that has settled down near the hide. Next is a glazing process, not unlike a conditioner for your own tresses, that will enhance the fur’s natural luster and healthy sheen while protecting each strand against breakage.

When your freshly cleaned fur coat passes our most critical scrutiny, it is ready for seasonal storage. Given the size of most Manhattan apartments and many suburban residences, few of us have the luxury of a walk-in closet that is large enough to accommodate all of our clothing. When storing a fur coat, there is another very important consideration: temperature fluctuations. Nothing dries out the hide of an expensive fur faster than heat. So it is critical not to skimp on this important storage aspect and think that your off season finery can spend torrid summers in your finished basement or in the back of your already crowded hall closet. Instead, follow-up your Cameo by Copeland fur coat dry cleaning by taking advantage of our garment storage services.

Your treasured fur will spend summer in our climate-controlled storage facility. You will have access to your possession at any time you wish. When the frost is on the pumpkin, we will gladly deliver your fur coat directly to your closet, ready for the coming winter season to provide excellent warmth and style every time you wear it. Plan now for your fur dry cleaning and storage with Cameo by Copeland Cleaners.

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