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What to Look for in Professional Alteration Services

Professional Alteration Services

Most of us purchase ready-to-wear, off-the-rack clothing as opposed to custom-tailored garments. We soon realize that our individual forms and measurements may not dovetail those of clothing manufacturers’ fit models. The result: ill-fitting clothing that requires alteration. At Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, we welcome our clients who take advantage of our alterations and dry cleaning services. To begin, we invite our clients to bring us their wardrobe items that require attention to become more wearable. Our professional tailors have seen it all: suit and sport jacket sleeves that hang past the wearer’s hands, pants legs that puddle to the floor, dresses and skirts that are simply too long. We quickly and skillfully assess each request and deftly and quickly make the needed alterations, thereby achieving the look the owner was seeking, a more custom fit and more serviceable clothing.

There are other reasons our clients bring us their garments and even their complete wardrobes. A client may have shed pounds and finds that alterations are a better choice than the expense to replace their clothing. Others have brought us a consignment store designer find, or vintage coat. Still others have brought in an heirloom bridal gown requiring adjustment before it can be worn on their big day. We accommodate them all with the finesse acquired through decades of service, providing the best alterations and dry cleaning services in the TriState.

Your clothing represents an investment, so it is important to have your garments altered to fit as your body proportions can change over time and fashion, well, even the classics are not static. Professional alterations and dry cleaning by the professionals at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners will not only save you money by avoiding buying replacements. Additionally, our skillful alterations will create well-fitting garments that not only improve your appearance, but subtly how you feel about and carry yourself as a result.

So, what should you look for in a professional alteration and dry cleaning firm? To begin, in-house, not outsourced tailoring. At Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, our experts are on-site, and available to our clients by appointment. Other establishments farm out their alterations to freelancers, many of whom work from home. At Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, your garments are altered on our premises to your satisfaction. First, we discuss the required alterations with each client, and assess the task. We do this to ensure that your expectations do not exceed what is possible. For example, there is a limit to the extent to which seams may be let out or taken in, fabrics that are too delicate to rework, however this is not the case in the majority of requests we receive. Next, measurements are taken, followed by a fitting, and when complete, both the client and our alterations staff are pleased with the result.

When time, quality of care, and professionalism matter, bring your garments to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners for our alterations and dry cleaning services. We’ve served the most discriminating Manhattan clients since 1934 and will be happy to add your name to our client roster. For more information, contact us today!