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Cleaning your area rugs

Most people think that their rugs can get clean just by vacuuming it. Well that simply isn’t the case. Dirt can get trapped underneath the hairs/fibers of the rug. If you have stains in your rug from a spill, cleaning your rug yourself can result in damaging your rug. Most people rub too hard or use wrong cleaning solutions and materials to clean their rug which only results in ruining a perfect rug that just needs cleaning.

Cleaning your rug should be handled by professionals like Arthur Copeland, who are experienced in cleaning area rugs. All rugs are different, so figuring out which method of cleaning is our specialty. And don’t worry about having to carry your rug all the way to the cleaners, we can come to you!

Cleaning area rugs is just one out of many professional services Arthur Copeland has to offer. Give us a try!