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Should You Dry Clean Coats Before or After Winter?

coat dry cleaning

Good question. We have a few for you. In this posting, we’ll go over what types of clothing should be cleaned prior to and after the winter season. The need for coat dry cleaning and its frequency will depend on a wide range of considerations. As the premier dry cleaners in Manhattan, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners offers these suggestions for maintaining the backbone of your Winter wardrobe in optimal condition. Let’s get started by tackling the obvious answer first.

Post-Season Coat Dry Cleaning

Depending on this Winter’s severity, by March your steadfast overcoat will need a refresh for several reasons. As you trudge on City sidewalks and step off curbs, the materials used to clear the streets and melt snow and ice will have melted into puddles and may splash up on your coat or jacket. The result: residue from snow removal crystals will likely have lodged in the fibers of your garment. If it is made of woven fabric, the crystals may not be visible, but over time these can break down natural and even fibers made from synthetic blends. If the garment is made from nylon or polyester, a white ‘high water mark’ may indicate the unwanted presence of rock salt crystals on your coat or jacket. Soap and water will not completely remove these stains, and again, in time, these crystals could remove the color, and damage the structural integrity of the fabric. Coat dry cleaning will rout the stains, remove all evidence of crystals, and protect your coat’s fabric.

Pre-Season Coat Dry Cleaning

Even if you had your coat or jacket dry cleaned prior to its off-season storage, there are strong arguments for pre-season coat dry cleaning services. The first question: how was your garment stored? Did you leave it in the thin plastic bag that was sent home from your cleaners and stuff it into a crowded storage closet? Or perhaps you removed the plastic sheeting but then stored your coat in a plastic zippered bag. Either way, you did your garment a disservice. Fibers need to breathe. Off-gasses from your household as well as the garment bag itself can cause the fabric and/or its color to deteriorate. If so, having the coat dry cleaned in the Fall will stop any potential deterioration. More on what to do instead later. Next, depending on whatever fabric that your garment is made from, such as natural fibers and/or a blend, insects may have found their way into your garment bags and laid their eggs. If so, larvae could leave unsightly holes. While these can be skillfully repaired by the tailors at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners, it is a choice of last resort. Prevention is the first.

For your convenience, we invite you to contact our coat dry cleaning professionals at Cameo by Copeland Cleaners to arrange to have your garments picked up. We will assess each to determine if any repairs are required prior to cleaning. Your coat will be returned, fresh, clean, and ready to serve you well during the coldest months of the year. As we approach Winter, consider having Cameo by Copeland Cleaners not only repair and clean but also store your garments throughout the off-season at our climate controlled facility. You’ll gain precious closet real estate for your seasonal wardrobe, and your coat’s service life will be extended as well. You carefully curate every garment you purchase, so why not invest in its preservation for future seasons of wear as well?

To learn more, contact our experts today!