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Preserve Your Precious Gown


Wedding is the symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love to your partner. Building a warm home starts with choosing your partner for life. A marriage rite is therefore important because it binds two people for a lifetime of experiences together. Weddings bring friends and family, from all over the world together to celebrate the unity of two people.

When something as sentimental and valuable as your unique wedding gown that needs cleaning and preserving, our team of professional have the experience to take on any kind of fabric and embellishments.


When your big day has come and gone, the festivities may have wreaked havoc on your gown. We go the extra mile to bring it back to immaculate. Whether your gown is mermaid, ballgown, cultural attire, silk organza, beaded, etc. (with or without embellishments), we will have it looking as spotless as it did on your special day. Its is imperative the gown be cleaned prior to preservation.


Our preservation method is all museum quality. Our clients can open their boxes at any time so they can share their cherished memories with loved ones. The box and tissue are lignin-free, the pH stays neutral, and the box is not sealed, these are big factors when preserving. We stuff the gown with tissue and wrap it in a muslin covering. An additional muslin covering is used to cover the entire box. Air flow to the gown is extremely important, this cover acts as an air filter allowing air to pass through.

Our team of experts go above and beyond to care for your most valued gown. Contact Us with any questions you have or Schedule a Pick-Up.