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Whiter Whites

Washing Whites With Ease

Consumer washing machines are plenty capable of washing many clothes. When paired with the right detergent and softener, clothes can really come out good. However, the constant spinning and washing can gradually wear out your white clothing over time. When it comes to whites, most consumer washing machines just simply cannot retain the brightness of your clothing, discoloration will eventually occur.

How can you keep your whites bright while wearing them as often as you’d like? Here are some at home remedies you can try: (be sure to test an inconspicuous area prior to treating the entire garment)

  • Separate – make sure all colors are completely separated
  • Wash Whites in Small Loads – this avoids redeposit of dirt and grime
  • Skip the Dryer – not only can the dryer cause shrinking but can also degrade cotton and can cause yellowing
  • Use Bleach with Caution – bleach is not ideal for all types of fabrics
  • Use Lemon Juice – lemon juice is a natural whitening alternative
  • Borax or Vinegar – other natural alternatives to remove residue
  • Soak Before Washing – use baking soda or borax to soak clothes for a couple hours and then wash
  • Always Use Warm or Hot Water
  • Dry Outdoors – if this option is viable, do so, if not use the lowest heat setting on your dryer
  • Stains – always treat stains as soon as they happen

Some stains are extremely stubborn. Arthur Copeland can tackle all types of white attire, as well as all the different shades of white. Our team of professionals with decades of experience know exactly how to treat each stain and each kind of fabric. You may schedule a complimentary pick up and drop off service or Contact us for more info.