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The Secret of How to Clean Curtains

how to clean curtains

The Secret Of How To Clean Curtains

When it comes to figuring how to clean curtains, the best mode of action might not be what you think. While we’re all about DIY treatments for your most common cleaning conundrums, curtains present a couple of unique challenges that make them difficult to clean on your own:

· They’re often professionally installed and incredibly difficult to effectively treat.
· They may have embellishments or sensitive dyes that can easily be damaged by improper cleaning techniques.
· They tend to stubbornly hold on to stains and odors.

Despite the challenges of drapery cleaning, however, sometimes it does just need to get done. Unsightly stains can settle into drapery fabrics quickly since they are often exposed to direct light. And discolorations become more difficult to treat the longer that they sit, meaning that if you don’t treat a stain right away (or if you don’t treat it correctly) you may be facing long-term damage.

The Benefits Of Expert Care

So what’s the best thing to do for stained drapes or drapes that are simply in need of a refresh? Our recommendation—and the only one that will guarantee your curtains continue to look their best for years to come—is professional drapery cleaning. And it’s actually a lot less inconvenient than you might be thinking.

Here’s the thing: cleaning curtains simply isn’t the same as cleaning clothes or bedding. Draperies are usually investment pieces, and they can also be both heavy and ornate. Spot cleaning won’t be enough to provide your curtains with a thorough cleaning, and tossing them in the washer and dryer—even on the delicate cycle—is taking a big chance that might not work out so great in the end. Even the most subtle of washer-driven discolorations could upset the entire look of your interior space.

For all of their heft, curtains are surprisingly delicate. In addition to stains and fading, curtains are also susceptible to odors. Curtains easily absorb different smells in your home, from your favorite perfume to that curry you cooked in the kitchen last week. Effective drapery cleaning needs to account for not just how your curtains look but how they smell, and again, spot cleaning is not going to cut it.

When In Doubt, Go With The Pros

We recommend that if you really want to get your drapes looking (and smelling) good as new—and especially if you’re trying to deal with a stain or other type of damage to your curtain’s fabric—that you call in the pros. It’s a small price to pay to protect your investment and keep all of your curtains looking their best and looking uniform in your home. And as with the rest of your most expensive fabrics and garments, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

At Arthur Copeland Cleaners, we make it easy to have your curtains professionally cared for. In fact, we’ll bring our services right to your home so that you don’t have to worry about un-installing your drapes just to get them cleaned. Contact us today to learn more about our expert cleaning services for draperies and upholstery, and schedule your cleaning session.