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Dry Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Getting the Most Out of Your Dry Cleaning Experience

You already know that you prefer to use a dry cleaner to care for your special event clothing, draperies, and other hard to care for fabrics and clothing items.  However, you may wonder how to make the most out of your dry cleaning experience. What does your dry cleaner wish that you knew?  What can you do to maximize the chances that your stains will come out and your clothes will look as fresh as they did the day you bought them?  Below, find a few dry cleaning tips that will help keep you looking your best.

  • Don’t try to treat stains before you bring them to us.  Most of the time, your home remedies won’t be as effective as our professional techniques, and your attempts to remove the stain can even make it harder for us to get it out.  Bring us the untreated garment and let us work our magic!
  • Remember to clean your clothes before attempting to store them.  Moths are often attracted to any particles of food left on your clothing, so cleaning them before storing can help ensure that your garments will come out of storage ready to be worn.
  • Silk and rayon fabrics should be cleaned after each time they are worn.  All of the pieces of your outfit should be cleaned together.  While our CO2 cleaning methods keep your fabric looking as fresh and bright as possible, some slight discoloration may occur over time.  By washing all of your pieces at once, you help to ensure that they will still be the same color even after they have been cleaned many times.
  • Regular cleaning will provide your draperies with a longer life expectancy.  It helps keep them free from dust and other environmental contaminants that they may come into contact with throughout their lifespan.
  • Mention any stains when you drop off your clothing or draperies to be cleaned.  Remember that we go through many articles throughout the day and may not catch a stain that you already know is there.  By mentioning it, you ensure that it will receive the best possible treatment.
  • Point out any fragile ornamentation or glass buttons so that we know to look out for it when we’re cleaning your garment.

Arthur Copeland is an experienced dry cleaner with plenty of experience in caring for your most expensive fabrics.  Contact us with all of your dry cleaning needs.