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Diversity Meets Current Events in Fashion

In recent years, modeling has come to appreciate more than just the stereotypical “perfect” body.  These days, anyone can be a model–and while there are certain organizations, including groups like Models of Diversity, that embrace models of diverse backgrounds and different body styles (particularly those who are mentally disadvantaged or who have physical defects), New York City’s Fashion Week has shown another leap forward in the trend toward accepting models of all types.

Model Rebekah Marine, who was born missing her right forearm, found out less than a week before fashion week that she was going to be modeling in the show.  She received a call four days before New York’s fashion week letting her know that she’d be modeling for Antonio Urzi, so she jumped in her car and went.

In addition to her dress, which was constructed of chain and black gems, Marine wore a glove over her prosthesis–a new model that is designed to replicate the movements that she wants the arm to perform.  The glove was decorated with gems and metallic strips, adding even further to the robotic appearance created by Marine’s dress and makeup.  She was the perfect choice for this particular dress–and in this case, what many would see as a disability worked in the designer’s favor to make her outfit look even better.

Current events in fashion tend to indicate that the industry as a whole is showing a willingness to move in this direction, accepting people who are more physically diverse and placing them in front of the camera and onstage just as freely as those who meet the physical definition of “perfection.”

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