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When Should You Clean Your Drapes?

Drapes are a must-have for everyone. Not only do you need them for privacy, but they make your house look good as well. They can also protect you from the sun’s bright rays. However, when should you clean your drapes? Drapes, like all other things made with fabric, need to be taken cared of regularly. You can’t put them on one time and never touch it again.

As much as they look good, you need to make an effort to keep them good. Here are a few tips for identifying when it’s time to clean your drapes:

  • Dust: This is obvious. As soon as you see dust, it’s time to clean them! Drapes make good dust collectors – especially when the window is open.
  • Smoke: If you, a family member, or guests smoke, the smoke particles get trapped in your drapes. This causes your drapes to yellow over time as well as absorb the odors – leaving your drapes smelling like cigarettes.
  • Allergies:  If you have allergies, it is very important to regularly clean your drapes. Drapes trap mold spores, dust, hair, pet dander, as well as pollen. These, if trapped on your drapes will trigger your allergies causing all sorts of problems for you.
  • Grime/Stains: If you see any visible stains and grime, it’s time to clean your drapes. Not only is it an eyesore, but you don’t want to attract bacteria as well.

If you see any of the above on your drapes, be sure to contact a professional dry cleaner to come over and take care of your drapes. You don’t want to clean drapery on your own even if they are machine washable. You just never know when you might ruin the fabric of your drapes or cause your drapes to shrink.

Leave the work to the pros. Contact a professional dry cleaner for all your drapery cleaning needs.