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Wedding Gowns: After the Big Day

Wedding Gowns: After the Big Day
copeland2The ceremony has come and gone. The gown made you the bell of the ball, and nobody could take their eyes off you. Now that the bells are done chiming, and the dj has finally gone home, what are you to do with your exquisite wedding dress? Some simply throw it into the back of their closet, thinking it has served its purpose and won’t be used again. Those who put an investment into their big day know better. This gown can live beyond the wedding ceremony, and a few simple tips can help preserve it for years. Perhaps you’ll sell it to recoup your investment. Perhaps you’ll save to hand down to future generations of weddings. No matter the reason, it’s worth it to take the time to preserve your elegant gown.


First, act quickly.

Some believe they will get to clean the dress right after their honeymoon. While this is a noble notion, honeymoons can be long, and they can lead to the post-wedding adjustment, and thank you cards, and the rest of your lives together, which can distract you from getting back to your gown. Stains, even invisible ones, can become darker and more set in with time. If you can, tend to the dress before your honeymoon. If you cannot do this, be sure to get to it directly after your return. As with all fine fabrics, be sure only to dry clean your wedding dress with professionals who focus on servicing the finest garments. Arthur Copeland Cleansers has an entire department specializing in wedding gowns, as we service the best dresses–from tailoring to cleaning and preservation. We can help you every step of the way.

After the dress is cleaned, preserve it properly.

Plastic bags are never a good idea for preserving a wedding gown, even for short-term storage. All plastic bags have chemicals that can break down, which can stain or scent your garment (even from non-scented bags). These chemicals can interfere with further dry cleaning, causing more stains or scents to settle in. Instead, use a professional-grade gown storage box along with tissue paper and unbleached muslin.

Fold the dress to avoid unwanted creases to form.

Wrap the sleeves under the dress’s bodice, wrapping that over the skirt of the dress, being careful not to add creases with any of your folds. As you fold, place pieces of acid-free tissue paper between each layer of fabric to avoid any embellishments from scratching the fabric. Wrap the skirt up and under the bodice so it is not too tight (again to avoid creasing the fabric). Fold the gown loosely so it fits snugly into the storage box. Before placing it into the box, wrap unbleached muslin around the gown for one final layer of protection. If done properly, this will preserve your gown for shipping (if you’re selling it online) or for generations to come!