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Tips on Maintaining and Cleaning Draperies and Curtains

drapery cleaning

Everything in your home speaks volumes about your excellent taste and style. You have carefully curated every design element and furnishing to reflect your unique point of view. Each item from your decor, furniture, rugs, and draperies represents a choice you made to complement and complete the overall look you desired. Additionally, these choices represent a sizable investment that, if not regularly and properly maintained, can wear out over a few seasons. For many years, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners has been entrusted with the care and maintenance of countless Manhattanites’ investment wardrobes as well as their home furnishings. Among our most requested cleaning services are those for curtains and drapery cleaning.

It is a fact, that your draperies are magnets for dust, dirt, grime, and other molecules that can easily be trapped in the fibers. Another silent enemy that affects the longevity of your window coverings is sunlight. We recommend installing sheers, that are inexpensive translucent draperies to the full extent of your drapes, between the window and your draperies. These will deflect the sun’s UV rays and slow the process of sun fading your drapery fabric. Sheers can easily be removed and washed between seasons as these, too, will collect dust over time.

To clean draperies, it is impractical to remove them and try to launder them in your washer. Shrinkage is possible as well as a loss of any embellishments. What you can do daily, especially for lined drapery panels, is to give them a gentle shake as these are drawn closed at night to remove any dust and dirt that has lodged in the fibers that day. This detritus can easily be vacuumed off the floor so it cannot be returned to your draperies. Once a month, vacuum your window coverings using a handheld vacuum that has a soft brush attachment. If your vacuum has a lower setting, that is advisable. Do not vacuum any areas of your draperies that have trims, sequins, palettes, buttons, ribbon, lace, or any other embellishments as these will be damaged.

The recommended maintenance schedule for window coverings is at least twice a year, more often if there is a smoker or pets on the premises. It is not necessary to get up on a ladder and remove your curtains and draperies, then package them and bring them to us. Cameo by Copeland Cleaners fully realizes our clients have very demanding lives, so we offer a pickup and delivery service as well as in-home curtain and drapery cleaning services. Simply give Cameo by Copeland Cleaners a call, and we will arrange a convenient time to come to your residence and clean your window coverings and, if desired, your rugs and upholstered furniture as well.

As part of our curtain and drapery cleaning process, our experts will steam, spot clean, and perform every task required to maintain the appearance of your window coverings. When we are completed, you will have fresh, brighter curtains and draperies.

You will immediately notice the difference that clean and fresh window coverings can make in your home environment. Call today to schedule your window covering refresh!