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Take Your Ski Clothing to Arthur Copeland!

Took advantage of the recent snowstorm to go skiing? What do you do with your ski clothing after you had all that fun? Do you just toss them into the washing machine and dry them afterwards? Did you know that washing your clothes the same way you wash your regular clothes can damage your ski clothing?

If you put your ski clothes into the washer, you risk damaging the water resistant layer that protects you from the snow. Most detergents aren’t made for cleaning ski clothing and therefore, they can damage your skit clothing. Ski clothing need specialized soups and detergents to clean them while maintains their protective water resistant layer.

Ski clothing are made of specialized material and also contain extra parts that can get damaged if tossed into the washing machine. This is why we highly recommend taking your ski clothing to Arthur Copeland! Our decades in business has allowed us to be skilled in cleaning ski clothing with the care that it deserves to ensure that they do not get damaged. We also add an extra layer of waterproofing to ensure the longevity of your ski clothing.

Visit Arthur Copeland today for all your ski cleaning needs.