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Seasonal Storage

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Out with the summer clothes, in with the fall and winter gear. If you find yourself with limited space in your closet, this is a great way to create space. Here are some tips on how to store your clothing:

  1. Marie Kondo Method – Organize your clothes. It’s time to purge! Often clothes that are too big or that no longer fit tend to take up unnecessary space. Here’s the concept, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you most likely won’t. Donating or thrifting is a great way to repurpose clothes that are in good condition.
  2.  Clean Clothes Before Storage – Set aside clothes that need to be washed, dry cleaned, or repaired. Dirty clothes can attract critters. The key word for storing any type of garment is, CLEAN!
  3.  Container Choice – Revert from cardboard, as this material is penetrable and allows moisture to enter. Plastic, fabric or canvas bins are ideal for storing clothes. Clear plastic bins are even better, being able to see what inside allows for efficiency, you should store the bins in a dark place to avoid fading. Colored bins are good too, they will help not to fade, you can use labels to know the contents.
  4. Keep Moisture and Bugs Out – Be sure your garments are 100% dry to avoid mold and mildew. It’s best to throw in moisture absorbers. To deter insects that are attracted to food residue, ensure your clothes are clean prior to storage. Moths like eating away at cashmere and wool, use mothballs or a lighter alternative like cedar or lavender.
  5. Save Space – Vacuumable storage bags are the best way to consolidate clothes and create more space. Fold your items, place in bag, seal and vacuum. (I love these for bulky items like comforters and jackets.)
  6. The Right Spot – Locations for storing clothes should be cool, dark, and dry. If you reside in an extremely hot area, the attic or garage may not be ideal. Bed risers can create storage space you didn’t even know you had, right underneath your bed! If using a basement, be sure the area isn’t susceptible to flooding or excessive moisture.If you find yourself without the right space to store your clothes, Contact Us! We offer seasonal storage and monthly storage.