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Prepare for Spring by Tailoring your Clothes at Arthur Copeland

Throughout our lives, our bodies go through many changes. It’s a part of who we are as human beings. We change due to the activates we do throughout our lives. Sometimes we get thinner, sometimes we get wider, our bellies get smaller, etc. But what happens when you discover that one of your favorite outfits that you used to wear during the Spring season no longer fits you? Do you just throw it away and buy another outfit? Of course not!

You take your outfit to Arthur Copeland! At Arthur Copeland, we have expert tailors who have been tailoring clothes for over 80 years. We know how to make clothes fit just right and take all precautions when doing so. We take proper measurements to ensure that your outfit fits you as perfectly as it used to fit you before.

We recommend you try on all your Spring outfits before the Spring season arrives so you can have plenty of time to figure out which outfit needs to be tailored.

Too busy to come to us? No problem! Thanks to our free pick-up and delivery service, we can come to you! When we are finished tailoring your outfits, we can bring them back to you as well!

Come visit Arthur Copeland for all your tailoring needs.