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Keeping Your White Fabric at its Whitest

Keeping Your White Fabric at its Whitest

Nothing looks better than a perfectly cleaned and pressed white garment. Especially coming into the summer months, the finest whites are the crème of the clothing world. But–let’s face it–it’s extremely difficult to keep those whites looking their whitest.

Here are a few tips to keep your white garments looking their best:

Most people know the main reason our whites lose their brightness is because of a lack of proper sorting. To save time, many put their white clothing in the wash with the rest of their laundry. Unfortunately, though, many fabrics–especially cotton–are not fully colorfast, and the darker colors tend to bleed their dye molecules onto the light and white fabrics in the wash. To prevent this color bleed, always keep your whites separate from fabrics with color. Also, separate your white clothing by individual fabric, as those heavy towels are very different from the light undershirts, and each fabric has a different wash cycle that is perfect for it.

Another easy way to save your whites is to use a laundry booster and to treat all stains before putting them into your wash. Laundry booster adds to the power of your detergent, and pre-treating stains will help you avoid that same color bleed that can happen with non-white fabrics. There’s nothing worse than one stain affecting several garments in your wash!

Some people, in a pinch, will use bleach in their wash to re-whiten their whites, but this harsh chemical will weaken and can damage the garment.

For the fine white garments you want to keep in their most pristine condition, bring them to an organic cleaner you trust. Arthur Copeland Cleansers uses a fully organic, CO2 cleaning method, which is the only way to keep your whites amazing. We never use harsh chemicals that disrupt your fabric, and there will never be colors added in the mix to lessen the brightness of your white attire. Not even water cleans better! From suits to shirts, gowns to blouses, our clean and press service will ensure that your exceptional garments will stay white and bright, crisp and clean.