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Keeping Your Whites Clean and Fresh

Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue wearing your favorite summer outfits. White shirts and tops are some of the best clothing you can wear during the summer. Whites are known to reflect sunlight the most which helps to keep you cooler than any other colored shirt. Such a fashionable and functional color requires high maintenance to keep it looking clean and bright at all times.


It’s rare to have your whites last more than a day or two before you begin to notice sweat and oil stains. Such is the nature if wearing whites. Tossing them into the washer may seem like that’s all they need. However, there are many risks associated with that.


Depending on the fabric, whites tend to look worn out after a few runs in the washer. They also don’t always get sweat stains right; especially if you leave them dirty for too long. Not to mention the risk of your whites shrinking in the dryer.


The best way to preserving and keeping your whites clean and fresh is to take them to a professional dry cleaner. They know how to clean them according to type of material they’re made of as well as the name company who made them. This ensures that your whites are cleaned to perfection every time. They will last longer too.


Keeping your whites clean and fresh by taking them to a professional dry cleaner is the best way to ensure the longevity and brightness of your whites.