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Invisible Weaving Technique: The Art of Seamlessness

State-of-the-Art Weaving Techniques Repair Damaged Clothes Flawlessly

There are a few things more painful than seeing your luxury pieces and favorite clothing items damaged, whether it be a moth hole on your comfy cashmere pullover, a cigarette burn on an expensive custom-fit suit or a tear on the bodice of a designer gown.

Don’t panic: There’s no need to throw out that beloved piece of clothing just yet. The talented weavers at Arthur Copeland are specially trained at fabric repair and have mastered the art of the invisible weave, a weaving technique where moth holes, burns, tears and pulls are closed via hand weaving fabric strands into the damaged area. The result? A garment that looks and feels brand new.

The weaving technique, which involves seamlessly weaving individual fibers together to repair an existing hole or tear, is not one that all dry cleaners can do with near-undetectable results. The best high-end specialty cleaners and alterations are able to not only save your ruined garments, but also save you from having to shell out exorbitant amounts of money to replace them.