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Importance of Clothing Storage After Cleaning

Professionally Cleaned Clothes Improve Clothing Storage

The long wait is over: The seasons have changed, and so must our wardrobes. And the next best thing to having the weather warm up? Being able to bring out the clothes you’ve been looking forward to wearing all winter.

You can finally put all your bulky winterwear into storage till the temperature drops again. But prior to stashing away those thick wool coats, heavy knits and fluffy puffer jackets, however, it is vital that they be sent out to be professionally cleaned beforehand. We practically lived in our cold-weather gear for a quarter of the year, during which time our beloved clothes may have accumulated soils, stains and general wear and tear. These clothing items have been worn day in and day out during the colder months, and just like regular clothes, have to be thoroughly cleaned before being brought out and worn again.

Not only will having your winter clothes professionally cleaned guarantee their integrity over time (or when you do bring them out of storage again), it also makes sure your pieces of clothing are spotless and protected from moths and other insects. Insects are attracted to food remnants, so any traces left on your clothes via stains or spills can be a potential breeding ground for pesky bugs. Even one dirty garment can ruin your entire wardrobe if the infestation spreads to your other clothes. The last thing you want is to see moth holes on your favorite cashmere pullover when you take it out of storage, or worse, bug bites from wearing it afterwards. Properly cleaning garments before storage ensures they come out as crisp and fresh—and as free of any bugs and holes—as the day they got put in.

Another reason to have clothes cleaned beforehand is to keep stains from permanently setting into your garments. The longer a stain or soil sits in a fabric, the harder it is to remove. A professional cleaner will be able to thoroughly remove any soils or debris on your precious clothes and prepare them for another year of wear.