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How to Care for and Clean Your Favorite Cashmere Sweaters

cashmere sweater cleaner

When the weather turns brisk, many of us open our sweater drawer and look forward to the day when we can wear our cherished cashmere sweaters, gloves, scarves, and headgear. Long a luxury item, cashmere is a knit that is made from the softest fibers harvested from Mongolian cashmere goats. It is a natural fiber made from this breed’s undercoat. Unlike wool, which is sheared from sheep, cashmere fibers are collected only during this breed’s molting season when they naturally shed their winter coats. The collected fibers must then be carefully processed to remove impurities and then spun into yarn. As it is a delicate fiber, the most expensive cashmere garments will have been crafted from 3-ply yarns for additional strength and wearability. Cashmere garments are not inexpensive. Even sweaters made from 2-ply yarns will not be cheap. Equally, care must be given when cleaning your cashmere. So, it is best to leave that task to a professional cashmere sweater cleaner offering sweater dry cleaning such as Cameo by Copeland Cleaners.

Over the past 80-plus years in business, Cameo by Copeland Cleaners has fielded many inquiries from clients who want to launder their cashmere items at home using a popular liquid soap. This is advisable as once wet, cashmere yarns can stretch, fray, form nubs, and even break. The results will not be optimal, and in fact, can destroy the garment’s structural integrity as well as possibly run the dye resulting in color loss as well as malform the garment’s shape. The solution is simple: bring or contact our experts to arrange to have your cashmere garments picked up. The return is without charge. Once received, we will advise of any maintenance that needs to be performed prior to cleaning, such as mending, or removing nubs. As your professional cashmere sweater cleaners, before attempting sweater dry cleaning, we want your garments to be in optimal shape for the best result.

While on the subject, as your cashmere sweater cleaners, we will treat your garments to our luxury services allocated for fine and couture garments using these techniques to perform your sweater dry cleaning. Additionally, we would like to make another suggestion — Cameo by Copeland Cleaners also offers luxury clothing storage services at our two locations in Manhattan and on Long Island. Why place these treasured garments in a drawer or on a shelf where possibly moth larvae can damage them? Avoid unpleasant surprises, the expense of repairs, as well as the inconvenience by asking our professionals about our luxury clothing storage services for the off-season. This way, your investment cashmere clothing will remain pristine wearing for years to come.

We invite you to speak with our professionals about our cashmere cleaning services today!