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Down Coat Cleaning

Down coat cleaning seems very easy at first glance. Just toss it into the washer and hang it to dry right? At some point in our lives, we’ve actually done just that – only to discover our grave mistake. Suddenly, all the feathers are bunched up together. Your coat no longer has that fluffy feeling and your down coat no longer looks like a down coat. It’s ruined.

Down coat cleaning is something that your average washer at home cannot clean. This is because cleaning a down coat is more than just cleaning the surface of your coat. It is about maintaining the functionality of what’s inside the coat as well. The functionally of a down coat becomes nonexistent once ruined. You will just have a big coat with no warmth. The feathers inside your down coat require special care that your washing machine at home (no matter how expensive) cannot provide.

A professional dry cleaner has all the machinery it needs to take on down coat cleaning. They are the only ones who are truly experienced in the process of cleaning and preserving your down coats. They are capable of cleaning your down coats without ruining the feathers inside them.

As fashionable as a down coat might look, it is useless to wear (or even buy) if you’re not going to care for its functionality – which only a professional dry cleaner can care for.